How to Sell Wholesale Boutique Clothing: 6 Tips from FondMart

Oct 27,2021


how to sell wholesale boutique clothing
wholesale boutique clothing



For people who want to start wholesale boutique clothing, you may wonder the best way to attract your customers. Here, FondMart will solve your problem of how to sell wholesale boutique clothing with 6 tips.


how to sell wholesale boutique clothing


How is the wholesale boutique clothing market?


Before we started to answer how to sell wholesale boutique clothing, you have to take a look at the market of the wholesale clothing offline. From the statistics published on an authoritative website, U.S. e-commerce wholesale trade sales were worth 2.9 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019, roughly one-third of total wholesale shipments. Though the trend towards digital seems unstoppable, offline physical stores are still an indispensable part of our lives.



brick and mortar store



The future development direction will also move towards a more intelligent, technological, and safer direction, and will be deeply integrated with online data. After all, the consumer doesn't care whether his consumption is online or offline. They only care about whether their shopping experience is pleasant and whether they are satisfied. The shopping experience of consumers can be affected by several important factors, which are also important references for judging the future development direction of offline physical stores.



Though wholesale clothing online is getting more and more popular, you can see the necessity of wholesale boutique clothing offline.



When shopping in offline physical stores, there are some we can see and even touch the products: clothes can be tried on, pots and pans can touch the texture. Although e-commerce platforms have used VR and AR technologies to improve the online shopping experience, at this stage they still can’t achieve our personal experience in physical stores.


what are the best wholesale clothing websites cover



In addition, physical stores are also working hard to create a differentiated experience from online shopping, conveying a feeling of "you can enjoy a different experience when you go to the store" to users. Today we can see a dazzling array of products, you can buy them directly or even eat them on the spot, and you can also receive some free products. This enjoyable experience is not just shopping, but a new modern life.



The pros and cons of wholesale boutique clothing


Compared to wholesale clothing online, you will find out the following advantages and disadvantages obviously.





Real objects always give people a sense of security when sell boutique clothing. At least when you touch a piece of clothing or play with a camera, you can determine whether you think this product is worth the price. After all, the pictures on the Internet are 2D, the simplest, you can try on the clothes, you don’t need to buy  them if they don’t fit, it’s that simple.


how to sell wholesale boutique clothing



You can get it back on the day of boutique clothing on the day of purchase, while online products are generally not available for shopping on the same day.



Online products can only be referenced by pictures, you cannot actually experience to see and understand more real product appearances.



There are some security risks in online shopping. Random click will result in account theft or loss of property amount.





Compared to selling wholesale boutique clothing online, first, for most clothing shop owners, it not only takes time and travel expenses to frequently go to other markets to purchase goods, but also wastes a lot of physical strength and energy.



It is very important to make clothing styles to keep up with the trend. There is no distance on the Internet, and you will soon be able to grasp the latest styles from popular front lines even from a foreign country.






There is a lot of styles for online purchase, and you can purchase at any time. Moreover, the initial batch requirements are low, even if you only buy 5-10 pieces of clothing, you can enjoy the wholesale price.



Online purchases can save a lot of travel and accommodation costs, although there will be transportation costs for goods. It is much less than the travel costs for people to purchase offline.



Though there are some inevitable defects to wholesale boutique clothing offline, there are also many advantages. If you choose to wholesale boutique clothing online, you can read  "How to Sell Wholesale Clothing Online: 4 Useful Tips from FondMart".



6 Tips We Recommend


Confirm the clothes you sell


The understanding of the market is the understanding of the demand when sell boutique wholesale clothing. We have been talking about consumption upgrades in the past, and later we have proposed consumption stratification. Indeed, today your clothes are selling well in this place, but once they are placed in the traditional store next door, they can hardly be sold. The market we face is not a single market, but a diversified and layered market.


hot category



Behind each channel is a consumption ecology, and behind each city is also a consumption ecology. Consumption in big cities is completely different from that in small cities. We must not use our personal knowledge to understand the entire market. You have to make sure what boutique clothes you are selling and who are your target customers.



As a wholesaler, without an intermediary, you can understand your customer base in great detail. One of the main differences in wholesale is that you can deal directly with them. This means you can understand your customers’ preferences and habits, and your business can respond quickly to them.


trend of wholesale clothing marketplace



Here, the reports in your business system are also very convenient through various customer, sales and product reports, you can quickly understand which ones are the best sellers and which ones are without sellers. This allows you to order a large number of effective products and get rid of invalid products.


Determine a Good Place to Sell


determine a good place to sell


The correct choice of shop location is the first to make money when opening a shop. If a store with a good business project chooses the wrong location, the small one will affect the business, and the large one may also lead to a broke-up. Determining a good place to sell is very imprtant to solve the problem of how to sell wholesale boutique clothing .



Scientific site selection will give you the advantage of sales and business is booming. A good location based on popularity is not absolute when selling boutique clothing, but it has many commonalities, such as high population mobility and convenient transportation.



The purchase must consider the following factors:



Flow of people:


Normal, holiday, day and night number of people and ratio





Current and possible means of transportation in the future; Road width and parking issues;



Traffic flow :


The traffic of cars and motorcycles



Regional characteristics:


competitive stores, complementary stores, financial institutions, cultural and educational, leisure facilities, etc.



Population survey:


population of the area, consumption habits, etc.



Wholesale means that you may sell your products in bulk to many different retailers and distributors. This means you need to ensure that you have enough warehouse storage space to promote these sales.



Although we are discussing this topic, it is also important to ensure that your warehouse processes are simplified and efficient to help minimize any packaging errors or wasted time locating goods in your warehouse. Handling large quantities can be tricky when sell wholesale boutique clothing, and it is important that everything reaches the end consumer in time. So consider the requirements and determine a suitable place to start your wholesale boutique clothing business offline.



Create Your Brand

how to sell wholesale boutique clothing



Creating a label that will sell boutique clothing is a great way to start a business, which is also very good for you to . In order to find brands of clothing that are appropriate for the type of clothing you intend to sell, you may need to contact wholesalers if necessary. It is important for you to take full advantage of social media, to maintain a fun and professional website, and to target your specific customers to sell boutique clothes successfully. By providing excellent customer service to your customers, you can ensure a pleasant shopping experience for them.



Find Qualified Suppliers


To attract your customers, you have to make sure the quality of your clothes is good because only the quality satisfies your customers can you earn money continuously. Thus, finding a trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers is important at first to sell wholesale boutique clothing.



First of all, you can find some local suppliers. If we get goods from these suppliers, what we get is a first-hand source. For example, some local wholesale markets, or factories. You can ask some friends who work in the factory to let them connect you. After all, if you have an acquaintance, you can avoid the high price that the factory will give you.


top and blouse



In addition, you can go to the wholesale platform online to buy goods like FondMart and the prices you get are quite low. And you don’t have to negotiate with suppliers and manufactures, because they are qualified and are trustworthy.  


Wholesale boutique clothing is usually purchased from online wholesalers by boutique owners.



  • Fast turnaround time
  • Wide selection of products
  • Competitive prices



  • Risky (from the perspective of product quality & delivery)


Make a Promotion


make a discount


As for selling boutique clothing, you still have a responsibility to market your products to consumers, so you have to try your best to attract your potential customers. Think that if you are a customer, the price is vital when you purchase the products.



In the process of operating a clothing store, the purchase of clothing in a clothing store is a very critical part. The quality of the goods largely determines the performance of the store, and a good source of goods can bring good benefits to the clothing store.



First of all, the promotion model must be consistent with our store theme, focusing on the characteristics of the promotion activities, giving customers a refreshing feeling, and having a strong impact, so that customers can remember instantly at a glance, and are deeply impressed. Customers have desires and ideas.



Secondly, the specified plan needs to be very reasonable. The weekend big show is only for weekends. Holidays will be promoted according to specific festivals and must be comprehensive. Various problems and emergencies must be considered and communicated with the staff in advance.


the benefits of bulk clothing



Then, it is about the form of promotion. You must be creative. When you engage in promotion, you must give away, discounts, points, rewards and other forms. After all, the rules are rules. Everyone is tired of the rhythm of life, and having fun appropriately will attract more people's attention when sell boutique clothing.



Finally, it is necessary to deal with different situations in diverse ways. According to different festivals, crowd situations, consumer psychology, market changes, and realistic characteristics, different methods must be adopted. New products, keep up with holiday spots and market demand, quickly seize hot spots, and pay attention to product quality.



Calculate the Budget


calculate the budget


To sell wholesale clothing offline, you need to rent a warehouse or a physical store, so you may need to pay more compared to selling wholesale clothing online. Besides, during the business, it will lead to additional costs, such as rent, maintenance, staff costs, etc. Thus, you have to carefully calculate the budget and make sure that you’ve gotten enough money to open your business.


calculate the costs involved



Besides, if you don’s own enough money, you have to abandon some extra expenses, such as the decoration of the store and the excess discount on the clothes, which is the way to attract your target customers. You have to make it clear that during the process, work should be done in order of importance and urgency. For more details, you can read "How to Calculate Wholesale and Retail Price for Clothing".


After reading, we hope you’ve gotten some inspiration about how to sell wholesale boutique clothing. No matter you start to sell wholesale clothing online or offline, you can always choose FondMart as your best selection. Remember, we can not only provide you sincere suggestions, but also satisfactory service. Come and take a look!


how to sell wholesale boutique clothing


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