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Jan 07,2022

urban clothing suppliers
urban clothing wholesale
urban women clothing suppliers



Currently, the urban clothing is a hot category to many international brands as well as numerous apparel businessmen. There seems to be a general trend toward urban women's clothing wholesale purchased by many customers. As well as being viewed in stores online and offline, urban women's clothing wholesale is also very popular. Thus, to help you save time and energy, we will give you top 6 best urban women's clothing wholesale suppliers below.




What is Urban Clothing ?


It is usually considered that urban women's clothing wholesale is a combination of casual clothing and hip clothing that is always evolving to accommodate the latest trends. The latest styles of urban women's clothing wholesale is also enjoyed by urban youths who live in overcrowded big cities, especially those associated with hip-hop and rap subcultures.





As a matter of fact, hip-hop and rap are no longer the only thing that matters in today's society. There was a time when saggy pants were all the rage, but since then the style has evolved when time goes by.



Currently, urban clothing wholesale is huge topic as there are many styles to choose from with new urban clothes are emerging. There are many fashion bloggers who draw inspiration from the urban ready-to-wear collections.



You should take a look at the changes in urban women's clothing wholesale from different regions and countries. With following 6 best urban women's clothing wholesale suppliers at FondMart, you  might see new ways in which urban women dress.


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6 Best Urban Women's Clothing Wholesale Suppliers


There is no way to define the style of urban clothing because it changes in a way that is influenced greatly by social trends and street fashions.



Listed below are 6 of the best urban women's clothing wholesale suppliers at FondMart women's clothing wholesale.






The idea of urban clothing can be interpreted as clothing that embodies urban culture by borrowing from trends and fashions that are based on urban culture. This could be interpreted as clothing that is characterized by trends and fashions that are based on urban culture.



You can notice HIYOUNGIRL to provide urban women's clothing wholesale developing from a small part of culture that is associated with music or sports.



Here you can find a variety of free logos for you to print, which are often centered around urban fashion trends.





● Quality assurance

● Sufficient long-term supply

● Stable supply of best-selling

● High cost performance

● Private label and logo printing available

● Original model photos are available ( you don’t have to worry about copyright )






Yibed knows well that the idea of urban women's clothing wholesale is associated with urban culture, particularly among urban youth involved in hip-hop and rap music. Different kinds of urban women's clothing wholesale may be seen in different parts of the world, and different countries may not always possess the same types of clothing.





● High cost performance

● Excellent quality of clothes

● Private label and logo printing available

● Excellent competitiveness of exclusive styles

● Original model photos are available ( you don’t have to worry about copyright )






Having grown up in a city, many young people are not required to adhere to high fashion dress-codes, rather they can create their own style of urban women's clothing wholesale. As such, the uniqueness of their looks becomes mainstream. There comes CXE.



There is usually a good deal associated with urban women's clothing wholesale. Women's apparel are the most popular items within the category. They are popular among trendy women in urban as well as rural areas. For the most part, CXE with a more established reputation will have the newest and most trendy urban clothing wholesale and also the more established ones.





● Sufficient inventory

● Private label and logo printing available

● Unique tyles of clothes

● Excellent competitiveness of exclusive styles

● Original model photos are available ( you don’t have to worry about copyright )







Many famous apparel suppliers are consistently producing urban clothing that reflect urban aesthetics. SODASHOP is actually providing urban women's clothing wholesale with most suitable and trendy styles.



Urban clothing wholesale is a modern street style that tends to be casual and hip at the same time, and it picks up on what is happening in the world at any given time. This sort of subculture represents a shift from big trends to small cultures, and it has roots in sports and musical movements like skateboarding, hip hop, and rap.





● High cost performance

● Excellent quality of clothes

● Fast delivery time

● Sufficient inventory for every top-selling

 Continuous production

● Private label and logo printing available

● Original model photos are available ( you don’t have to worry about copyright )






CAIJUN knows urban youth very well. They understand that who are not yet expected to dress professionally are generally the ones driving the change in urban clothes styles because their desire cause to change the tradition ideas.



As a first step in determining what styles are considered generically urban, it is recommended ti take a closer look at the youth of several large cities to determine what characteristics they have in common. CAIJUN can provide  urban women's clothing wholesale that urban youth like.





● Diverse styles

● High cost performance

● Sufficient supply

● Excellent service

● Support a mixed batch

● Short delivery time

● Private label and logo printing available

● Original model photos are available ( you don’t have to worry about copyright )






It is not hard to imagine that urban women's clothing wholesale consists of items such as pants, printed t-shirts and so forth, which are designed to complement certain outfits. It is necessary for urban clothing to convey the idea of casual clothing by expressing an attitude.



HYDS can provide urban clothing with a style that is cool, fun, and edgy, perfect for a night on the town, with which the urban look can be fashionable and subversive, so whether you want to purchase fashionable or simply look, HYDS is a great way to go.





● Plus size sexy underwear wholesale is available

● High inventory of single styles

● High cost performance

● Easy to obtain best-selling

● Private label and logo printing available

● Original model photos are available ( you don’t have to worry about copyright )


By the way, you can also take a look at leggings wholesale, which is quite popular nowadays.


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